The Ridges is one of the most prestigious communities in all of America. The neighborhoods feature luxury and custom homes with breathtaking views set around Bear’s Best Las Vegas, an 18-hole Jack Nicklaus golf course designed to be replicated after courses found throughout Western North America. Residents enjoy exclusive membership privileges at Club Ridges – a private club featuring state-of-the art fitness facilities, resort pool and tennis court that also includes access to outdoor entertainment venues like hiking trails for adventure enthusiasts or spa treatments geared towards relaxation seekers alike.

What is a Ridge

A ridge is an elevated landform that stretches for long distances and has distinct high points usually separated by lower ground. What causes ridges to form is still a matter of debate, though most geologists say they are formed through tectonic processes, such as the collision of continental plates. The two main types of ridges are mountain ranges along plate boundaries and beneath oceans. Submarine ridges can form above or below sea level–the latter occurring in areas where tectonics forced molten rock up to the surface, forming volcanic islands or underwater plateaus known as seamounts.

What creates mountain ranges (also called chains) is not fully understood either, but experts agree on three contributing factors: the effects of tectonic compression, erosion, and volcanism. What makes the ridges that makeup mountain ranges special is their longevity–some date back as far as 150 million years–and their rugged characteristics. What many people do not know is that mountains have a wide variety of forms and uses. What might come to mind when thinking of a mountain range is high peaks like Mt. Everest in Nepal or Mt. McKinley in Alaska; however, there are also long-running volcanic chains such as the Andes Mountains in South America or shorter parallel chains called horsts and grabens that include California’s coastal region north of San Francisco.

How Do I Find A Good Home In Las Vegas That Is On The Ridge

It’s amazing to go back to the Las Vegas area, especially when you visit places like The Strip.  The old hotels that had been around when I was there were hardly still standing and what used to be called “old school”  gambling have given way to mega-resorts with fancy casinos and multi-level shopping malls.

If you’re from Las Vegas or looking for an upmarket place in Las Vegas then ilovelasvegasrealty is just the company that will help you find it.  They have all kinds of properties available, whether its ranch-style houses that are perfect for a family, lavish condos that will make your friends green with envy or luxurious penthouses that will let make your dreams come true.

But how do you know that the properties they have available are really good homes?  It’s not enough to just take their word for it or even see pictures of the places. What you need is something more objective, like a home inspection Las Vegas style.  The best way to find out if a house is going to be right  for you and your family  is to get an expert on your side who knows what he/she  is doing and can tell if there are problems with the house before you get too attached to it.

The Benefits Of Living On A Ridge Line

Benefits of living on a ridge line typically include the following:

  1. A lower cost of homeowners insurance since it is harder for your neighbors to burn your house down if they have to climb uphill to get to you.
  2. The shape of the land around your property, which in itself, acts as a barrier protecting from natural disasters; for example – tornados and hurricanes typically turn back before reaching a mountain range, thus leaving mountain dwellers essentially safe from these specific natural disasters. What might be true for tornados may not necessarily hold true for hurricanes (as we recently witnessed when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans).
  3.  Often the price of property is much less than in the valleys below, despite similar square footage because people don’t want to live miles from City Hall.
  4. Properties may have gorgeous unobstructed views. 
  5.  Can be a great place for walking or riding bikes.
  6.  Typically less traffic, though there can be times when rush hour will affect residents of mountain communities as well – though snarls may not occur due to known dangerous terrain features that block certain routes.

Do I Need To Pay More For My House If It's Located On A Ridge Line

People should not think about this issue from a social perspective but from an economical point of view instead.  It costs money to maintain roads, curbs, drains, etc. in other words infrastructure.

Overview:  Ridge lines are formed when two faults separate to create a narrow band of land between the peaks and valleys.  Ridgelines generally come in 3 varieties.  The first is a result of plate tectonics, the second is as a result of volcanic activity, and the third is created by erosion.  A ridge line that forms along a fault zone will be very steep and has a significant drop-off on either side; much like The Grand Canyon.  On the other hand, if one’s ridgeline is created through volcanic action it may consist of several hills rather than one large mountain because lava tends to spread out over time instead of piling up (much like cumulus clouds). 

The third variety, which is the most common one in areas that have experienced erosion at some point in their history such as The Appalachian Mountains is generally quite level and may contain streams or lakes.   Regardless of what type of ridge line a property owner resides on one thing is for certain; if there’s no fence they have to pay taxes on the entire parcel even though only a small portion of it can be used as an actual roadway and perhaps an adjacent beach/parking area.  

As the Las Vegas area continues to grow and develop, so will the population density. This means that more people are going to be living in closer quarters than ever before. It’s important for this new development to take a look at how they can create green spaces while still keeping up with rapid growth. At I Love Las Vegas Realty, we do just that by creating sustainable communities throughout Southern Nevada. We use our expertise as landscape architects and urban designers to help create beautiful parks, trails, gardens, ponds and other natural areas where residents of all ages can come together through recreation or relaxation time outdoors. What does your home community have planned? Contact us today!

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