The Las Vegas Elite Off Road

Centennial Hills Park is a 120-acre regional park in Las Vegas, Nevada, that was formerly known as Deer Springs Park.

The Las Vegas Elite Off Road experience gives you two hours of fun in the desert. Their shuttle picks you up from your hotel and takes you to their office, where they take care of all necessary preparations before heading out for some off-road adventure. They’ll drive through hills, rock climbs, sand dunes and washes – chasing after you as much as possible is highly recommended so that they can feel like an intrepid explorer or adventurer themselves. When done with the adventure itself (as well as pictures), they bring everyone back safely to their hotels again.

The best way to explore Nevada’s desert is with Las Vegas Elite OffRoad. They use only the finest off-road vehicles, their Can-Am Maverick X3s, for your next adventure. Their highly trained guides know every inch of this gorgeous state like the back of their hands and take you on an unforgettable journey where anything can happen.

During your Las Vegas Elite OffRoad experience, you ride in the finest off-road vehicles while taking on Nevada’s desert with their highly trained guides. This is guaranteed to be a thrilling adventure.

Their vehicles offer elite performance with features like 4-wheel drive, amazingly powerful engines, automatic transmissions, and long-travel suspension. These safety features include roll cages, doors nets, seat belts. In their own vehicle, you get the best off-road experience with complete comfort; that’s why you can count on it.

On their Can-Ams, you are able to get the same experience as your guide. These ATVs have twice the horsepower of simple dune buggies and can navigate through terrain unseen by any 2-wheel drive buggy. The most astonishing part is that it only takes 15 minutes for them to arrive on location, so there isn’t much travel needed off the strip.

Experience the great outdoors like never before. LAS VEGAS ELITE OFFROAD is located at 6845 Speedway Blvd. K108, Las Vegas, NV 89115. Off-roading entails an exhilarating adventure out in nature where you get to see and experience things that are not possible anywhere else but here on our planet Earth.

Visitors must be at least 18 years old with a valid ID. If they are under 18, then Visitors must have consent from their parent or legal guardian and bring an ID along in addition to a driving license if an underage driver is present. Visitors also need to wear closed-toed shoes since the experience includes offroading which could get messy depending on weather conditions that day – it can range anywhere between dusty/dirty when dry or muddy when wet outside. Also, everyone needs to bring either a debit card for additional payment security measures due upon arrival OR credit cards because preauthorization holds will not suffice as final transaction authorization according to their policies. All of these requirements would normally go without saying, but they just want their patrons safe while having fun.

In case you are planning on doing some offroading in Las Vegas, dress weather appropriate. They recommend long pants, but they’re not required, so feel free to wear shorts if that’s your style. No open-toe shoes are allowed because of safety reasons; please bring closed-toe footwear instead.

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