Answer to your common questions

A: Rent is always due on the 1st of the month. It is considered late as of midnight on the first. However, we give you a grace period until the 3rd. If rent is not received by midnight on the 3rd it’s considered late and late fees will apply on the 4th.

A: When making Security deposits, they should not utilized to cover the cost of the previous month’s rent. The security deposit is used to cover any damage done by renters or visitors. If you do not pay your full rent, including last month’s, you will face EVICTION. The owner has 30 days from the end of your lease to shut down your account and itemize your surrendered funds.

A: We run a criminal, credit and eviction background check on all applicants. We also do a landlord reference check. Our basic criteria:

  • 600+ Credit Score
  • No Credit issues in the last 6 months
  • 3.5 times the rent in income
  • One year of good verifiable rental history with no late payments

A:  Application fee is 50.00 and it’s NON-refundable. Once you complete the application, you will be prompted to pay using a credit card.

A: GO TO YOUR TENANT PORTAL AND Enable IT! You should have received a message with an user account link to your tenant portal’s activation page. You can make security payments and monthly payments using the platform. Please contact us at [xfield email] if you require access.

Additionally, rent can be mailed to the following address: 
[xfield street-address], [xfield state-abbreviation] [xfield zip-code]

Rent must be Delivered by the lease agreement’s due date or it will be declared late and late fines will accrue.

A: It is entirely up to the owner to decide whether or not to allow pets. However, the bulk of our properties welcome pets. Kindly contact the office via e-mail at [xfield email]. The agency will call the owner and receive approval, as well as the size of the pet charge.


This is a frequent occurrence, and there are two possible solutions.

You may substitute for your present roommate. The new roommate would be required to complete an application and pay a $50.00 application fee. He will need to qualify, and the new application will need to be approved by the owner.
You may remain on the lease without amending it, and the prior roommate will be released from the lease.

In all circumstances, the security deposit is handled directly between the tenants, and we will not release any funds until the lease period has expired.

A: You are obligated to provide a notice in writing of 30 days. After receiving notice, a set of move-out procedures will be sent to you.

A: All problems must be submitted in writing using your renter portal. When you submit a maintenance request via your tenant portal, the request is received by both your property manager and portfolio manager. You are not permitted to deduct repair charges from your rent. If you or your visitors cause a problem, such as flushing an improper object down the toilet, you will be charged for the repair.

Please refer to your contract to identify which repairs you, as a tenant, are liable for. Bear in mind that emergencies are defined as situations that threaten an individual’s physical safety. Please contact the fire dept if you have a fire. Please contact your utility company if you smell gas. Furthermore, contact us!

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