Located adjacent to a National Conservation area, Red Rock is one of the top five climbing destinations in America. The striking desert and mountain landscape boast more than 2,000 routes for climbers who enjoy scaling through sandstone cliffs with scenic views. Since 1990 the Summerlin community has grown to encompass 150 parks, 27 public schools, nine golf courses and three resort hotels; all while maintaining its status as an exclusive neighborhood that boasts state-of-the art medical centers among other amenities like retail malls and entertainment centers. It’s a community that has something for everyone: from the truly young to the truly young at heart. Home options include single-family homes, urban inspired lofts, townhomes, apartments and condos of all sizes with luxurious amenities including pools and hot tubs.

Get To Know The Area

Summerlin, named after Howard Hughes’ grandmother, is the third most populous in Nevada and tenth-largest master-planned community. It was developed by The Howard Hughes Corporation as a 22,500-acre neighborhood in Las Vegas. The Summerlin area has multiple lakes such as Lake Sahara, Lake Las Vegas, and also streams like Westcliff Drive and Stonebridge Golf Club.

Children living in this neighborhood have access to schools including Bonanza High School, Faith Lutheran Elementary School, and Sage Ridge Middle School/High School. There are also two private high schools: Cimarron-Memorial High School and Green Valley High School which is located at Village Center.

The Summerlin community provides residents with many open spaces such as parks like Wylie G. Wood Park which features the Summerlin Library and also trails like HOA Open Space Trail and Desert Willow Society Trail. It is a good place for outdoor activities. MetroPCS Stadium, home of Las Vegas Locomotives which is an expansion team to the United Football League, is also located in Summerlin together with Red Rock National Conservation Area. This area offers housing options from single-family homes to condos and townhouses.

Explore Your New Community


The community is a good place to start exploring your new home. Explore it during daylight, and at night-time when the lights are on. The more familiar you are with the streets and shops, the less anxious you’ll feel about being out after dark.

Find the local shops and services that you’ll need, as well as entertainment. You will probably also have schoolmates who are new to this area too. Explore your community together!

If you’re not sure about going out on your own, ask a friend or adult to go with you. Explore shopping areas and main roads first before plunging straight into an unfamiliar neighborhood. Get to know the transport systems in your area – buses, trains, trams, and cars (if you have one). Your journey home from school or work should be safe and happy – it’s enough of an adjustment living away from home without having to learn how to get around too!

Find fun things to do with kids in Summerlin

As children enjoy their summer break, parents are on the lookout for fun activities to keep them busy. Raising young kids can be challenging, but it is important to allow them to have a little fun as well.

There are so many fun things that you can do during the hot summer months to keep your children happy while providing a creative outlet for their excess energy and an opportunity for some quality bonding time between them and their parents.  Burning off some of that energy will keep them from getting into trouble later on.

Create a family scrapbook. Find photographs and other memorabilia the whole family can use to create a handmade summer memory book. Get photos from a trip to the zoo, or go to the beach for pictures. Find magazine cutouts that depict things you were doing like eating at your favorite restaurant, watching fireworks, or attending a concert. Other bits of fun may feature a beloved stuffed animal or another item as well as pictures associated with happy times spent together.


Learn About Local Schools And Neighborhoods

Located to the west of Las Vegas, Nevada, and north of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Summerlin has a reputation as one of the nation’s most popular master-planned communities. Learn about more than 50 years of Summerlin history here, from its founding in 1950 to today. Learn About Local Schools And Neighborhoods In Summerlin Las Vegas

There are a total of 20 schools within the Summerlin area, including 19 elementary schools or K-8 schools, and one high school, located in zip code 89135. Summerlin is made up of 22 sub-neighborhoods/town centers that make up 18 villages.  Learn about each of these villages and their associated schools below. Learn About Local Schools And Neighborhoods.

The Summerlin community is a world-class destination that offers a variety of experiences for its residents. From cultural and sporting events to the many parks, trails, and golf courses in our area; there’s always something going on at any given time. If you want to experience an unparalleled quality of life with your family or are looking for new opportunities as part of the workforce here in Las Vegas, contact I Love Las Vegas Realty today!

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