Seven Hills

The most luxurious and exclusive community in the city, Seven Hills has been recognized for its outstanding amenities. The 2,500 homes are surrounded by business parks and shopping centers that offer a little something to everyone. You’ll also find golf course homes with an award-winning 27 hole championship golf course as well as tennis courts and sports center!

What is Seven Hills

Seven Hills is a residential development project that will be built at the intersection of South Nellis Boulevard and Warm Springs Road in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The proposed site for the real estate development is currently occupied by several industrial buildings. Residents would have access to cultural amenities such as libraries, parks, theaters, and shopping malls within walking distance of their homes, it also has close proximity to important road networks like Interstate 15 What is Seven Hills Las Vegas, US 95 .Seven Hills Las Vegas will have five distinct neighborhoods, each with its own unique characteristics and amenities. The proposed project offers a total of 120 residential units that will be built on land parcels ranging in size from 40 feet by 170 feet to 20,000 square feet. It also features 91 private parking spaces and 352 carports for the convenience of residents.

How Does It Compare To Other Cities In The World

A common question residents in the Las Vegas, Nevada area ask is how Seven Hills Las Vegas compares to other cities in the world. This report compares Seven Hills Las Vegas with over 1,400 other cities around the globe. The purpose of this report is to help people gain a little perspective when it comes to where they live. Comparisons are based on overall population (an important consideration for businesses looking at relocation), and comparisons were made between two distinct time periods 2010 & 2011.

 Additionally, Seven Hills Las Vegas cost of living and population growth trends were reviewed total population of Seven Hills Las Vegas was 126,943 according to 2010 census data. The national average is 321.8 persons per square mile, while the state average is 71.5 persons per square mile. On a per-capita basis, there are about 3,635.8 people in each of Seven Hills Las Vegas which ranks #110 nationally and 65th statewide .

Why I Choose Seven Hills as Destination

 Most people do not know that the city was established years ago but only got popular with the opening of casinos and hotels in its area which has attracted visitors from all corners of the world. The area has been projected as a tourist destination not just for its casinos but for the natural wonders that it offers to visitors with a scenic view of the Black Mountains, Grand Canyon, and Lake Mead.

I have had an experience in Seven Hills Las Vegas which I will share in this article because if it was not for what happened to me when I went there then I might not have known about some of these attributes. When I traveled from Texas to Las Vegas, we decided to take a detour via the city even though it took me much longer than how long my travel would have taken if going directly into Sin City. But Seven Hills is worth traveling along and back so that you see natural attractions like beautiful hills surrounding Lake Mead which offer a scenic view.

Things To Do In Seven Hills

Median household incomes for the cities around Seven Hills Las Vegas are among the highest in America. Situated just outside one of these neighborhoods (Sandhill) is a very special attraction, The National Atomic Testing Museum. That’s right, that museum is located on something called “The Nevada National Security Site.” This area was once used to test nuclear weapons back in the middle part of the century by Howard Hughes’ defense company. The bomb testing range that is now the Nevada National Security Site was also used as a launch site for launching things into space. 

You will see things that date back to the early days of space exploration, and things that are now obsolete. It’s a great place to visit if you have an interest in things related to nuclear technology as well as things related to outer space.

There is also plenty of things to do in Seven Hills Las Vegas for those who can’t get enough of the gaming experience but wish it were easier on the budget than purchasing hotel rooms at Caesars Palace , Harrahs or The Bellagio . There are several casinos located just outside of Seven Hills Las Vegas including Palace Station and South Point.

You can also have things to do in Seven Hills Las Vegas when you’re on a budget by visiting things like the Sundance Helicopter Tours or the Hoover Dam. The Sundance Helicopter Tours give you chance to take off from six locations around southern Nevada including the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino, as well as things to do in Seven Hills Las Vegas.

Seven Hills is a real estate company that focuses on developing communities. We offer different types of homes to meet your needs, and we welcome the opportunity to show you around any time! To learn more about our services or schedule a tour, contact us at I Love Las Vegas Realty.

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