Sahara Las Vegas

Originally, the Golden Nugget was built in 1946 and has been owned by many influential figures over the years.

Sahara Las Vegas is a luxurious hotel and casino located on the Vegas Strip. It has 1,616 rooms as well as 50,662 square feet of gaming space. The northernmost stop for the Monorail can be found at Sahara station, which makes it easy to travel back and forth from other casinos such as Bellagio or MGM Grand Hotel & Casino without having to drive your car around town or take an Uber/Lyft home.

In 1947, Milton Prell opened the Club Bingo casino on this land. In 1951 he gathered former business partners to begin work on a new resort which was partially occupied by Club Bingo, and Del E. Webb Construction Company built it in 1952 as the Sahara opened its doors for guests on October 7th of that year, making it one of six resorts along Las Vegas Strip at that time.

The Sahara Hotel and Casino had an African theme, created by Martin Stern Jr. He designed several hotel additions for the establishment, including a 14-story tower that opened in 1960. The property was sold to Del Webb in 1961, but another 24-story hotel tower also designed by Stern was built later on, which became famous all over the Las Vegas Strip.

The iconic Sahara Hotel & Casino began its decline in the 1960s with the opening of several large resorts nearby. Paul Lowden purchased it in 1982, after which a third hotel tower was added and opened to guests by 1988. In 1995 Bill Bennett bought out Lowden, launching renovations that included new Moroccan-themed architecture as well as NASCAR attractions, including an Italian restaurant complete with roller coaster known as Speed – The Ride.

SLS Las Vegas is a chic and modern hotel with an original design. It was originally the Sahara Hotel, but it closed in 2011 due to financial problems. Sam Nazarian purchased this property after its closure for over $300 million dollars along with Stockbridge Real Estate Group who also invested money into renovations on the building, which took place before reopening as SLS Las Vegas in 2014 targeted at southern California residents young adults looking for luxury amenities that are not too expensive.

After its opening, the SLS experienced financial hardships and was bought by Stockbridge in 2015. One of their hotel towers was rebranded as W Las Vegas after that year but then became part of the SLS again when they ended their relationship with Starwood. In 2018 Meruelo Group purchased it and renamed it Sahara on August 29th, 2019, during a renovation process.

Sahara Hotel Las Vegas pool deck

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