Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Located a short drive from Las Vegas, Tule Springs Fossil Bed National Monument is the first national park dedicated to paleontology.

Located in Clark County, Nevada, the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is administered by the Bureau of Land Management; it’s part of their National Landscape Conservation System and protected as a scenic area for all to enjoy! It has over three million visitors every year who come to see this beautiful place.

At the Red Rocks Conservation Area, a popular hiking and rock climbing destination in southern Nevada’s Mojave Desert, visitors can climb La Madre Mountain at 8154 feet. A one-way loop road provides access to the peak as well as other features such as sandstone peaks which were formed by thrust faults, including Keystone Thrust making them 3000 ft high.

This amazing place is located at 1000 Scenic Loop Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89161, United States lies in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, known for tall red sandstone peaks and the Keystone Thrust Fault as well as Native American petroglyphs. The 13-mile Scenic Drive features panoramic views of the area, with Ice Box Canyon having seasonal waterfalls to its south along Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, where visitors can explore historic buildings and hike trails.

Among the most beloved outdoor destinations in Southern Nevada, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area’s iconic red-banded peaks tower over Las Vegas. A popular destination for millions each year to hike and mountain bike, this natural wonder almost faced permanent changes during a housing development proposed next door.

In 1988, the US Bureau of Land Management partnered with The Howard Hughes Corporation and Nature Conservancy to protect 5,302 acres from development. This decision led to a buffer zone that ensured hikers would not see any signs of human activity while exploring the incredible trails in Grand Canyon National Park.

This relocation of Summerlin to a more protected area allowed for continued economic growth in Las Vegas while protecting the natural environment.

The Visitor Center is situated near the start of the Scenic Loop Road. Stop here to learn about this area and plan your trip on a map before driving around for 12 miles, one-way. Don’t pass anything that might interest you, or else good planning will save time and gasoline later on.

As you drive the Scenic Loop, there are many interesting sites to see and activities, including bird watching. You can stop at two Calico Hills Overlooks as well as Sandstone Quarry for access to hiking areas during your trip on this scenic loop road. The White Rock Springs will provide great views of red rocks along with picnic tables if desired; Willow Spring is home to a historic ghost town that visitors should not miss such an opportunity seeing evidence from past residents who lived in these homes built into caves around the 1800s; lastly, Oak Creek Canyon provides another way out of Sedona other than Red Rocks Byway which makes it easy for those coming back late night or early morning hours after visiting different bars and restaurants within city limits.

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