Summerlin South In Las Vegas

Summerlin South, NV, is a place that surpasses 92% of areas in Nevada when it comes to living conditions. This city has all the benefits you could want: attractive neighborhoods with community events and parks close by as well as schools for families who live here or hope to move there soon enough! Summerlin South provides more than just an easy life; this city will give residents plenty of opportunities they can only dream about having back home!
Summerlin South is located within 9.2km from Sun City Summerlin South, Nevada, and ranks 4th in Nevada 2078 ranked area in the United States. The livability score 83/100 means great quality housing, and low crime rates offer outdoor activities amongst its many attributes. This town has a population of about 25717.

In Summerlin South, the cost of living is surprisingly high. In comparison to the Nevada average, 21% higher and 27% higher than the national average, respectively. Housing prices are 83% more expensive on average, which makes it difficult for most people to afford a home here unless they make quite a bit annually.”
Summerlin South is a safe, peaceful place. Crimes are rare in Summerlin South, and violent crimes happen less than half as often when compared to national averages. Violent crime rates here are 44% lower than the average of other cities across America! Furthermore, you have 1 chance out of 83 that your home will be burglarized or robbed this year – which means there’s an 82/83 chance it won’t happen at all!

Summerlin South is a thriving city for the upper class. In Summerlin South, the median household income is 54% higher than the national average, with male median earnings being 41% higher than female wage earners and unemployment at 4%. In addition, poverty levels are 56% lower while incomes per capita have been skyrocketing, and this makes it one of the most economically successful cities across America.

The school test scores in Summerlin South are equal to the national average. The exact number of public schools is unknown, but there are approximately n/a of them here. 93% percent have completed 8th grade, and 92.7% have finished high school, while 47.7% have obtained a bachelor’s degree–clearly proving that if you live in this region, education is taken seriously!

Summerlin South is an exciting, upscale neighborhood with lots to do and see. Nearby restaurants include Signora Pizza, Block 9 Street Eats, The Lodge Hualapai, and Roberto’s Taco Shop. Coffee shops in the area are Peet’s Coffee and Starbucks, while shopping centers nearby are RC Willey and Eye Gear Sport Optics – Las Vegas Cyclery too! You’ll find parks close by like Ridgebrook Park or Spotted Leaf Park for outdoor adventures just minutes away from home!

In Summerlin South, the population density when compared to Nevada average is 9056% higher. The median age of residents is 21% higher, and there are more White people, less Black people, and slightly fewer Asians living here.

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