Centennial Hills Park

Centennial Hills Park is a 120-acre regional park in Las Vegas, Nevada, that was formerly known as Deer Springs Park.

Centennial Hills Park is a 120-acre regional park in Las Vegas, Nevada, that was formerly known as Deer Springs Park. It’s located next to the Centennial Hills Library and has hiking trails for people who want to explore it during their free time.
Centennial Hills Park is home to two playgrounds, a splash pad for kids and adults alike, an amphitheater with seating areas that face the stage area. This park also has trails through the prehistoric world of Tule Springs Wash, where users can see petrified wood and other archaeological finds from this ancient riverbed.
If you’re looking for a place to let your little ones run free, have an event, or just take some time out from city life, look no further than the regional park. This 120-acre state-of-the-art facility features a playground with ramps and features great for all abilities. Besides, It is built around a historic inverted riverbed thought to be one of few remaining remnants left in this area after large network channels once covered it completely. The park itself is perfect if you want somewhere more accessible where having birthday parties happens naturally without much planning on your end.
This amazing park is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day. With reservable picnic areas, even more, can be reserved for special occasions! The park also features amenities such as dog parks (including separate spaces with and without water), sand volleyball courts, soccer fields, multiple large play structures that include slides and swingsets, all of which are surrounded by plenty of open space where you could enjoy BBQ grills. To top it off, we have an amphitheater complete with grass seating for over three thousand people, so everyone in your group has a spot to sit back and relax while soaking up some sun or enjoying concerts/plays throughout the year.
Centennial Hills Park is located at 7101 N. Buffalo Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89131, and the cross streets are Elkhorn Road and Buffalo Drive. It is a pretty big park in North Las Vegas with multiple features, including athletic fields for soccer, baseball/softball diamonds, basketball courts, picnic areas to sit by the pond or under trees. The location of this park makes it really popular because there are no other parks within miles, so individuals come here from all over town.
At Centennial Hills Park, all community park events must be insured with proof of insurance required when reserving city parks. This is the case whether or not there will be an admission charge (e.g., fee for parking) if alcohol will be sold, and/or if hazardous activities are planned at any time during the event; however, this determination would depend on City Management’s judgment. If attendance is anticipated to go over 250 people in one sitting, then you’ll need documentation that your group has obtained adequate coverage beforehand too.

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