Mountain Edge Las Vegas

Mountains Edge, a 3,000-acre community has 4 elementary schools and 2 middle schools. They also have a high school fire station with amenities such as neighborhood parks which is more than 500 acres of designated land for trails and playgrounds in the community. There are plenty activities here to do that include swimming pools at its clubhouse or gym areas where you can workout whenever you want!

The Mountain’s Edge Resort, a member of Marriott International’s award-winning Autograph Collection hotel group, is located in beautiful Summerlin. Situated just 15 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and McCarran International Airport, our resort community offers room to breathe, space to gather, personal time away from it all – and a chance to discover what electrifies you.

These deluxe condos have been designed with your comfort in mind and deliver the ultimate in relaxing accommodations right at home. Our spacious vacation rentals include two bedrooms/two bath condominiums that sleep up to six guests comfortably. The luxuriously appointed living areas include an updated kitchen with the newest appliances, the latest in entertainment options, and the coziness of a wood-burning fireplace.

With the backdrop of the Spring Mountains, the Mountain’s Edge Resort Las Vegas is the perfect place to start – or end – your day. Enjoy the pleasures of our outdoor heated swimming pool and spa while you take in the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Or join us for one of our many scheduled activities to keep the whole family active and engaged together through all seasons: water volleyball tournaments, summer fireworks extravaganzas on Placeholders’ Island, Wii bowling leagues, and other exciting poolside game.  also available are tennis courts open daily from 8 AM – sunset all year long!

How To Get There

The Mountains Edge las vegas is a very up-and-coming community in Las Vegas. Not just because of how it looks or how many amenities that are there, but also how much how you can get out and enjoy the outdoors has grown since when we moved here.What used to be a small trail has turned into an amazing network of trails all around the edge of the mountain. With so much to explore it’s hard to know where to start, and how long things will take you. 

The best way I’ve found is to have a plan! There are several different entrances that make access easy from any side of the neighborhood. With about 4-5 miles of total hiking, there are lots of trails, parks, and different spots to enjoy. The perimeter trail is the outer edge that runs around the whole complex. Taking this path all the way through will take you on an amazing hike covering over 6 miles round trip. You’ll start out in the community center parking lot then head north along the fence line until you reach Mariposa park. Along your journey, you’ll get a great view of how big Mountains Edge is with how many houses and how far they are apart from each other. After making your way across Mariposa park continue east through several neighborhoods then hop on into La Vista Hills Park where you can pick up another trail leading back into Mountains Edge that takes you around its inside perimeter until it meets back up where you started.

The mountain trail will take you up the mountain in La Vista Hills Park all the way to a series of colored flags that mark how far you’ve gone and how much further to go until the top! This is a hard hike, but well worth it when you get there. The views are amazing, especially if you like birds or wildlife. One of my favorite spots on this hike is at one of the first trees past the 2-mile marker which is where I watch all kinds of different types of birds coming and going every day.

What You Can See From The Top

One of the best things about being in a new city is seeing what you can see from each neighborhood. If you’re going to be spending time in Las Vegas, Mountains Edge is a great place to start because what everyone sees here is that no matter what direction you look there are mountains! In comparison with other neighborhoods like Downtown, which has its share of sights and sounds, what you’ll see at Mountains Edge never changes: it’s always mountains for as far as you can

#1 See the Strip From Mountains Edge Las Vegas Nevada

With all those mountains at your back, what better spot than on top of them? A common misconception about Las Vegas is that it sits among flat deserts; the truth is that there are actually many hills and mountains throughout the city. Living in Mountains Edge, what you can see from the top of Mount Charleston is technically what you’d be looking at anyway, but what’s nice about being here rather than Downtown is that there are no tall buildings blocking your view; what you’ll see from here is what most people associate with Las Vegas – miles and miles of bright lights stretching for a mile or more in all directions!

#2 See Red Rock Canyon From Mountains Edge Las Vegas Nevada

Red Rock Canyon was made popular by its use in filming classic Western movies like The Misfits, starring Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe. It’s also become a popular place to take tourists who don’t want to make the drive up to Lake Meade National Park. If what you’re looking for is a day trip, what you can see from Mountains Edge will be enough to satisfy; what’s nice about it is that the city is so low here. Even at the top of Mount Charleston, all you’ll have are those mountains behind you and vast acres of sand in front of you!

#3 See Lake Mead From Mountains Edge Las Vegas Nevada

Lake Mead was formed by the Hoover Dam back in 1936 when the Colorado River was dammed up to form what would later become one of America’s largest reservoirs. Not only has this reservoir provided water and power for more than 20 million people living nearby, what’s also happened as a result is that what used to be part of the river has now turned into a massive lake stretching for miles along what’s now known as the Colorado River.

#4 See Downtown Las Vegas From Mountains Edge Las Vegas Nevada

Down below where you live is what many people consider to be the heart of Las Vegas. If what you’re looking for is a great place to have dinner, what you can see from Mountains Edge is perfect; it’s only about 15 minutes by car (and even less if there isn’t traffic)! Despite being what most people think of as the city center, what everyone sees here at Mountains Edge actually borders what was once some of America’s

Things To Do On The Way Up

Tourist attractions in Las Vegas are things you find online. Things to do on the way up Mountains Edge Las Vegas are things that keep people coming back for more. If you’re looking for things to do, things to see and things to experience, things to eat, things to buy, or things to know before visiting Las Vegas, Nevada ‘then take your time exploring this website which will give you a variety of things that will thrill both young and old alike. Things to do on the way up Mountains Edge Las Vegas include things that you’ll remember things to eat things to buy things and things to see. There’s always something new about things to do on the way up Mountains Edge Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Of course, things to things to do on the way up Mountain’s Edge Las Vegas things that you things to things to do things.  Things to things to things to do things are things that you’ll things to see things that are things of things which can be found in Las Vegas, Nevada. Things to do on the way up Mountains Edge Las Vegas include things that you may never have seen or heard before.

For instance, did you know about things on the strip? You can visit the previous blog for comprehensive details regarding things on the strip. In short, however, it’s a great thing about hotels on the Las Vegas Strip with pictures and videos!

Where To Stay

Most people will say: “I don’t know where to go or where to stay.” That’s where I come in. Here are some tips and suggestions on where you should be staying when exploring Mountains Edge las vegas.

– Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa in Summerlin – If you’re planning a trip and looking for where to stay, then this is where you’re going to want to end up at the end of your day. Even if you aren’t one for gambling, there are still plenty of things to do at the resort. From fine dining experiences like Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres (which was voted 2nd best steakhouse in Vegas by the Las Vegas Review-Journal) to some of the finest nightlife on The Strip like Marquee Nightclub where you can enjoy a performance by top-name DJs like Calvin Harris, it’s hard to find anything else that tops where to stay when you’re done exploring Mountains Edge las vegas.

The one thing that makes this casino resort so special is its location. You’d think being one of the newer hotels and casinos found along where to stay when you’re done exploring Mountains Edge las vegas meant that it didn’t have any history or charm. Think again!

Mountain Edge Las Vegas is a new development that will offer luxury living in Henderson. The area features panoramic views and easy access to the mountains, golf courses, shopping centers, restaurants, schools and parks. We have an exclusive opportunity for you as our preferred partner – please contact us today

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