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Analyze the Rental Costs

We work to give you the best lease terms possible and negotiate aggressively on your behalf. In order for a property to be fully occupied, it has to have competitive pricing - too high of an asking price means vacancies will soon follow which is bad news because they'll lead directly into lost revenue!

Inspection Prior to Leasing

With our comprehensive Leasing Inspection before you list your home, you can rest assured that you'll get a great return on your investment. We identify any problems with the real estate that need to be resolved and devise a strategy for completing them so it can lease quicker!


You can be sure that your real estate listing will be noticed by potential buyers if you use a comprehensive marketing strategy. We cover all of the bases to ensure that your property receives maximum exposure in the Las Vegas market. We market past and current tenants by showing what other people are doing with their properties while they are there, as well as who has lived on this street before them, using our extensive database. HAR (HomeAdvisor), Google Maps StreetviewTM 360° View Toolkit®, Facebook Timeline Cover Images® for Commercial Properties - Harnessing Millions of Potential New Customers Daily-Facebook Inc., and Twitter are also used. Hashtags and Tweets are a great way to find out what's going on in the world.

Connect To Us Directly

You can talk to your Leasing Specialist any time you want. They are there for you, answering questions and providing support every step of the way so that we make renting home as easy as possible. We know this is a big decision - but don't worry about it too much! We're here with weekly updates on what's going on in Las Vegas right now, along with advice from our leasing specialists who have been through all these steps first hand before they became one themselves. Not only will they help answer your questions and provide feedback throughout the process- their online Owner Dashboard makes everything easier by giving real-time access to Showing & Application activity where owners get notifications when someone has applied or shown interest in living in Las Vegas.

Complete Screening of All Incoming Renters

Renting is a tricky business, with property owners at the mercy of tenants. Housing laws and regulations don't always protect landlords from bad renters who refuse to pay rent or wreck your house while they're living there. Fortunately, we are here for you; our Background Screening process ensures that only qualified applicants will be chosen as potential renters-providing peace of mind in addition to quality housing management services!

What Does A Landlord Have To Do Before A Tenant Moves In

We are so excited to welcome you as our new tenant! Your leasing agent will coordinate the move-in process and ensure that your transition into this building is smooth. We'll do a walkthrough with you at move in, which includes documenting what condition of the property we find it in right now before anyone else touches it. This ensures all necessary repairs or replacements for upgrades have been completed prior to moving day; plus, creating an accurate record on file can be helpful if any maintenance issues arise later on down the road

Inspection When A Tenant Moves Out

Our property managers give tenants a detailed walkthrough of the unit at lease end to help them understand what is expected if they plan on staying in their home. We use this as an opportunity for our team members to provide any final assistance and document any damages beyond normal wear-and-tear that need attention before vacating the premises, which helps expedite chargebacks by owners and streamlines your life!

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Importance of Trust In Leadership

With professionally trained property managers on your side, you can be assured that all of our agents are experts in the field with years of experience. We take a hands-on approach to managing every aspect from marketing and advertising for prospective tenants to making sure everything is taken care off when they move out.

Property management should always be done by professionals who know what needs doing so you don’t have to worry about it!


Eviction can be stressful, but we’re here to help! Contact us today and our evictions specialist will handle the eviction for you.


We are excited to help you achieve your goals and we want the process of making that happen to be as smooth as possible. If for any reason, at anytime within our agreement period, you don’t feel like we’re able to do this with 100% satisfaction then please let us know so that can work on finding a solution together!


Grow your portfolio faster than you ever imagined. Maximize your return by purchasing property through us and we’ll give you multi-unit discounts, too!


We’re so confident in our ability to find qualified renters, we only charge you when the property is rented. You don’t have anything to lose!


You don’t have to worry about your property’s vacancy, because we’re here with you. We take care of all the responsibilities so that it doesn’t become a stressful burden on your shoulders.


Boost your revenue by getting long-term tenants.

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