Gilcrease Orchard, a part of Summerlin NV

The Gilcrease Orchard is an organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the Gilcrease Orchard for the purpose of providing educational and recreational opportunities through horticulture.

Gilcrease Orchard, a 60-acre parcel of land in the middle Las Vegas, is an agricultural treasure that offers fresh produce. The Gilcrease family kept the most fertile land in Las Vegas. This 60-acre parcel of agricultural land is located north of town. It allows people to pick their own fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

The Gilcrease family’s story began in 1920, when Elda and Leonard brought their four-year-old sons John Theodore and William Orr.

Leonard was raised on a farm near Lemoore in California. Elda and Leonard met at the University of Nevada Reno. They both received degrees. Leonard and Elda married and started a family. He purchased over 900 acres of land in Las Vegas Valley, which included natural springs that could be used for growing crops and livestock raising.

Gilcrease Ranch began by raising chickens, turkeys, and other livestock for their neighbors. But eventually they expanded into growing crops like alfalfa. They owned over 1,500 acres and cultivated 200 acres.

Ted’s passion for farming grew stronger while Bill preferred art, birds and music. Both Ted and Bill contributed their time to the development of the orchard in the 1970s. However, Ted was the only one who continued to manage it for the next 25 years. Thanks to their commitment towards this project, Valley residents have enjoyed 100 acres of pick-and-pay orchards for over twenty-five year.

Ted wanted to ensure his orchard was protected in perpetuity so he created the Gilcrease Orchard Foundation with Bill’s support. This Board of Trustees is overseen by a Board of Directors. It was established in 1997 to recognize Ted’s declining health and age that were limiting his ability to manage the business effectively.

Ted and Bill were brothers who worked together for many years to preserve their farm. The orchard should be a place where families could bring their children to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables. As they experience what it was like to live back then, the community can feel and taste the difference between today’s stores that sell produce straight from the tree or vine, rather than being shipped over countries.

Every year, in September, Gilcrease Orchard opens the Pumpkin Patch. This is one of the most beautiful pumpkin patches in America.

The Gilcrease Orchard is open for summer season Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 7:00 am to 10:00 am. Sundays are closed. Wear sunscreen and come early to beat the heat! You can also download a free app that includes an in-app location so you can pick your produce without bumping into others.

There are some restrictions on entry to Gilcrease Orchard. Please wear masks to ensure food safety and quality. It’s also a good idea not to bring pets. These measures will help avoid contamination of any fruits found on the property.

There are many items that you can purchase at the check-out, including peanut butter and almond butter as well as kettle corn and famous apple cider.

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