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I Love Las Vegas Realty Property Management has been proudly serving the Las Vegas area for over twenty years. Our staff brings a vast amount of experience and dedication to helping our clients. We make it our business to exceed your expectations every step of the way.


Trust your property to someone with experience. We maintain and improve the properties we have been entrusted with.


Offering great customer service starts with building and maintaining a close relationship with owners, tenants, and management.


Property management is complex, and can involve a lot of upkeep. That's why we outsource very few day to day repairs.


Our management system is designed to be cost-effective and sustainable for property owners.

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Trust your property to someone with experience. Knowing our Las Vegas properties and understanding their history is what keeps us at the forefront of both buy and sell transactions throughout the region.

What are the common issues in property management?

Quality work at competitive prices

Trust your property to a team with decades of management experience.

We don’t charge any upfront or hidden fees
No upcharges on repairs

Tenant will not incur any fees for vacancy.

You may cancel anytime

Our team is available 24/7 to take care of any issues that may arise.

Property management company specializing in domestic and international clients

We will manage your property with care and precision.

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Property Management can be difficult and a lot of work. Some of the things property managers do are interviewing prospective tenants, inspecting for damages and maintaining repair records.

As a property management company we will handle everything so you never have to worry about taking care of your properties.

We can help you by making more money, saving money, reducing your stress and having peace of mind.

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If we must evict a tenant that we placed into the unit, we will do so for free.


If you ever find yourself unhappy with our services, cancellation of your management agreement is simple. There are no penalty fees for terminating the agreement early.


We are committed to finding tenants for you that will stay in your property for at least 6 months.


Get results and pay when the hard work is done. You don’t have to make any payments until your property gets rented.


If you use the price we recommend for your rent, we will guarantee that you will find a tenant in 60 days or the first month of management is free.


Increase the size of your investment. If you purchase your real estate through us, you will maximize your return. We provide discounts for multiple units.

Some Property Management FAQ

Property Managers collect rent from renters with various means. Some property managers collect rent monthly, while others make their renters pay weekly or biweekly. Monthly collection is the most common method for collecting rents because it provides a larger income window to work with over time and lessens administrative burdens on both sides. Property managers may also ask tenants if they would like to prepay one full year of rent before moving in as an alternative way of getting paid up front.

Property Management Las Vegas: Property management can be difficult and a lot of work. As a property manager you will interview prospective tenants, inspect for damages and maintain repair records. We have everything covered so you never have worry about taking care of your properties by making more money, saving money, reducing your stress and having peace of mind!

A property manager is not a requirement when renting out your home, but it can be an excellent idea for both the landlord and tenant. Property management services are much more than just rent collection or yard work, they also provide marketing assistance to prospective tenants who will often have their choice of rental properties if you hire professional help. It’s wise to ask yourself these questions before hiring a property manager:

  • What kind of vacancy rate am I experiencing?
  • Is my house in need of repairs or upgrades?
  • Am I looking for qualified renters with good credit history?

If you answered yes to any of those three questions, then adding a property management service might be worth considering as it could increase occupancy levels while simultaneously decreasing vacancies

The answer to this question will depend on the type of property and how it is managed, but in general there are two types of properties:

– Single family home – Multi-unit building (apartments)

A single family home is usually easiest for homeowners to manage. They typically have a simple set up with utilities all under one roof which makes them easy to care for. The homeowner starts by finding adequate insurance coverage before purchasing the property so they don’t end up getting taken advantage of later down the road when unforeseen problems arise. After that, they can start thinking about what their rental rates should be based on local market conditions.

Multi-unit buildings (apartments) are harder to manage because they require the owner to have a team of real estate experts on their side. The owners must consider whether they are going to manage all the units by themselves or hire someone else, what type of property management software will be best for them, and how often inspections should happen.

The process of managing properties differs depending on the type of property as well as who owns it; however there are some similarities across types such as finding adequate insurance coverage before purchasing your investment and developing goals based on local market conditions.

Property managers need to be skilled in multiple areas, including: accounting and finance; budgeting skills for overall property expenses as well as individual units; customer service skills that will help them interact with tenants (and vice versa); computer literacy so they can manage the day-to-day operations of their business remotely.

It is also important for a property manager to have strong negotiation skills because they are often negotiating leases on behalf of an investor or landlord. They must know how much space should cost per square foot, where vacant buildings are located in relation to major landmarks such as airports and hospitals, what amenities might draw more people into one building over another.

The answer to this question is that it depends on the property manager. Some people may enjoy managing properties and interacting with tenants, so they do not find Property Management stressful at all.

Other people might feel overwhelmed by a high-pressure work environment where things can go wrong very quickly if you’re not careful; these individuals will most likely find Property Management to be quite stressful. 

You need an understanding of human behavior and how real estate works in order to manage successfully – which takes time for many new managers (and even seasoned ones) to master!

There are also plenty of regulations landlords must follow when renting out their buildings or apartments, from advertising requirements and laws around pets, smoking policies, noise ordinances near airports/schools etc.

This is a question we get frequently from our clients, and the answer is yes! You can deduct your labor costs for repairs and maintenance on rental property. This may include repairing or replacing carpets and flooring, painting walls, removing ceiling fans to replace them with lights; all labor related repair needs that you undertake in order to keep up the quality of your rented properties are deductible.

The IRS does not allow deductions when they are done just because it’s time for somebody to do so (i.e., when tenants move out). However if you have been delaying these repairs due to lack of funds this should count as legitimate expense which will be eligible for deduction after tax year 2018.

You must itemize deductions to claim these items as part of your expenses. You can also deduct any other personal property repairs or replacements which you undertake while a tenant is renting the space from you, but only if it’s not for cosmetic purposes (i.e., painting walls).

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